Let EFI, LLC keep your firearms in top working order! Our specialties include Sig Sauer Pistols, AR15/M16 Series, UZI, 1911 Pistols, Remington Rifles, and HK 90-Series.  Otherwise, we offer accurizing, customization, repair, and refinishing services for most types of Title I and Title II firearms.

We reserve the right to refuse to work on any firearm if we suspect that it may be illegal or stolen.  All illegal activities and requests will be reported to the authorities.  Appropriate NFA documentation shall be required before we will perform work on an NFA firearm.

Gunsmithing Rate:   $65 per hour*
   -- If you watch:
   -- If you help:
   -- If you just need to borrow a tool:

* Rates include 6% WV sales tax. Rates will be doubled if you hand us a loaded gun after telling us it is unloaded.



EFI, LLC: Serving the Shenendoah Valley as a Gunsmith and Custom Firearm Manufacturer Since 2008.