We have started taking orders for Precision Strike rifles again. Due to unprecedented demand for our custom rifles, expected delivery will be 15-18 months from the order date.

Redefining Accuracy!

EFI, LLC offers the Precision Strike as a turn-key shooting system instead of just a rifle. EFI, LLC designed it for professional shooters and we guarantee at least half minute of angle accuracy* from every one that we deliver. Options include custom barrel lengths and any caliber choice from .223 through .50BMG. The Precision Strike is also available with an airline-approved hard case, scope, bipod, cleaning system, tools, and a sound suppressor (where local laws permit).

EFI, LLC believes in offering our customers the absolute best that the industry can offer. To this end, we perform the barrel break-in and zero each Precision Strike rifle. These shots are logged into the included data book.

EFI, LLC uses only the top components available for the Precision Strike from reputable companies such as Viper, McMillan, Krieger Barrels, Precision Reflex Industries, Magpul, AWC Systems Technology, and others. EFI, LLC selected and configured the Precision Strike components to meet the needs of military, law enforcement, and private shooters without needless bells and whistles that contribute nothing to the shooter or the shot.

Due to the customized and personalized nature of the Precision Strike, please call for full options and pricing.

*Accuracy guarantee for:
1) a trained shooter using quality ammunition from a fixed position, and
2) rifles where EFI, LLC has performed the barrel break-in.



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