The Silent Strike series of rifles are designed to be mission and role specific suppressed platforms that allow the operator to deliver precision shots with an all but totally silent rifle while significantly reducing the risk of over penetration. Unlike many of our other offerings, the Silent Strike idea embodies close-in target engagement rather than long range capability.

Hunters, Animal Control Officers, Law Enforcement, and Military special operations units will find the Silent Strike platform to be ideal in circumstances where standard longer range and higher power cartridges are not suitable. With the available day/night optics package, the Silent Strike is able to perform in any conditions world wide.

Specific Platforms:

.22 Silent Strike: This stainless steel bolt action rifle is integrally suppressed for the .22 Long Rifle. In the interest of making this rifle a dual purpose system, it is offered with a match grade target barrel along with the integrally suppressed barrel. Contact us for finish, optics, and other system specific details and options. (A semi-automatic version of this system is available. Call for details.)

.300 Silent Strike: This .300/221 caliber rifle is based on the M700 series rifles. To accommodate our military and law enforcement customers, we have engineered the rifle to utilize the standard 20 or 30 round M16 magazine. An optional dual caliber package is available with a .223/5.56mm barrel. The included muzzle mounted suppressor will work with both calibers. Contact us for finish, optics and other system options.



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